ProOxy Testimonials

ProOxy Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Read the comments from real customers who have successfully changed their lives, thanks to ProOxy!

As a mother of three I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to see my daughters happy and confident about their appearance. To see clear skin smooth and healthy again is a blessing! ProOxy has made such a difference to the way my girls feel about themselves, for a long time I tried many products on the market place to help my daughters with their skin problems but to no real avail. Now thanks to ProOxy my daughters can think about real issues in life, like doing well in school

Mary Mumby, 49, mother

I am very happy with the results ProOxy has given my skin to date. I still have a fair way to go until my skin is completely clear, but I feel I’m one step closer to having a clearer looking skin. I believe with continued use of ProOxy my skin will be a lot healthier in no time

alex mumby 18, student

Using ProOxy I now feel that my skin is smooth, radiant and more importantly I feel so good about myself. ProOxy really feels like a professional treatment in the convenience and privacy of my home. My skin is clearer and never looked so good and the scarring that was on my face from using previous products isn’t as visible. I am so happy with the results that ProOxy has given me, I recommend it to everyone!

edwina mumby 17, student

I have always had a problem with my skin being to dry. I have tried many different moisturizers and never really found one that was just right for my skin. Since my wife put me on to ProOxy I have found that my skin is always feeling soft and moisturized. I have even made it a part of my regular weekly routine to do the 3 step program. I have now been spreading the ProOxy word. It works great! Thanks

Leo Baxter, 29, student