Elmore Oil Testimonials

Elmore Oil Testimonials

Elmore Oil has been used by thousands of people . Below are a some of the testimonials .

I have been rodeoing for over 20 years at the top level in Australia and have had numerous broken bones and suffer from arthritis. I highly recommend Elmore Oil. Elmore oil keeps my horse Copper aged 25 years and myself winning rodeos and feeling fit. Elmore oil allows me to enjoy two of the toughest jobs on earth, Rodeo and Shearing.

Dave McLennan, Professional rodeo cowboy

I have just begun using your wonderful product after suffering from tendonitis in the shoulder for the last couple of months. For the past couple of months I have been unable to have an undisturbed sleep because my shoulder ached continually. However after applying Elmore Oil the pain disappears, and I cannot recommend your product highly enough.

Jan Mehaffey, student

On a friend’s recommendation, I purchased a bottle of Elmore Oil for the family’s use. We were impressed with its instant efficacy. One time, I twisted my ankle while trimming trees in the yard. I ignored the discomfort as I had a lot of work to do. The pain got progressively worse over the next few minutes until my wife called me in for morning coffee. Before I settled in I rubbed some Elmore Oil in the ankle. After my 15 minute break, I went back into the yard, expecting some protest from my ankle, but, to my surprise the pain had gone.

Raymond H. Bamford, student

I have been using Elmore Oil for more than 3 years on my right knee, pending specialist advice, and it has given me great comfort from my troubles, enabling me to walk with less pain than previously. I am very thankful that I was advised to use this product and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

Margaret Lehmann, student