Elmore Oil Company

Elmore Oil Company

Elmore Oil Company is a manufacturer and distributor of products for pain relief in the complementary medicine marketplace.

The companies flagship product is branded under the name of Elmore Oil, a product developed by Ralph Linford in 1998, consisting of all natural ingredients and positioned in the topical pain relief field. Since September 1st 2004 Elmore Oil has been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (listing numbers 107300 and 174969)

Elmore Oil Company has an experienced management team and a board of advisors who are capable of positioning the brand as a major player in the world’s complimentary health care market.

Elmore Oil is a topical pain relief oil, marketed principally for the relief of pain associated with joint and muscle problems. This includes pain relief for arthritis. Elmore Oil is also targeted at general neck & back pain sufferers and for the relief of sports related injuries.

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