ProOxy Formulations

ProOxy Formulations Acne Skin Care Excellence!

At ProOxy Formulations, we are committed to acne skin care excellence! We are passionate about empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to experience victory over breakouts and blemishes, and win back their confidence!

The ProOxy Team is exceptionally dedicated to conducting on-going research and development, to ensure that we deliver revolutionary formulations consistently.

The ProOxy Team sources the highest quality ingredients. Our products do not contain Benzoyl or Hydrogen Peroxide and are 100% non-toxic. Our exclusive range of ProOxy Products utilise the latest advancements in technology. For instance, The ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray is oxygen enriched, protecting skin against harmful pimple-causing bacteria.

We believe in educating our valued customers through sharing vital knowledge of what really causes acne. Equipping people with important information about what causes blemishes and breakouts can make an enormous difference to achieving a clearer, smoother looking skin.

By joining the ProOxy family, you will gain access to an acne skin care regime that will help you reveal to the world the real you- self-assured in the knowledge that you are putting your best face first!

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