For supplying Oxygen directly to body cells via drinking or skin absorption, usefull for all kinds of suffering of oxygen deficiency. Distribute over the world under different trademarks such as: Sport Oxyshot, Oxyrich, Equine, proxy Oxygen 4 life available as 250 ml - 1000 ml syrup and Oxyfacial spray 30 ml Oxyspray 50 ml .


Oxygen 4 life is alkaline water rich source for oxygen, contains 12.5 % (v/v) Oxygen. Typically atmospheric Oxygen supplements (a gas) is delivered to the body via the lungs. In contrast, Oxygen 4 life although rich in Oxygen supplements, is not a gas, it is an aqueous solution, like all solutions (e g water, alcohol etc.) is absorbed via the gastro-intestinal tract, across the gastric membrane. As the gastric membrane is similar in nature to the tissues of the lungs it is probable that Oxygen supplements ‘locked in solution' crosses over into the blood stream in the same way and this by-pass the first two steps of aerobic respiration (ventilation / gas exchange). The rate of oxygen absorption increases whenever oxygen 4 life taken on an empty stomach which in turn elevates oxygen level of blood and cells in a short period. Oxygen 4 life is very stable, the shelf life reaches to six years if it stored properly.


- Minimum 125000 ppm diatomic Oxygen (12.5% v/v)

- Less than 210 ppm Sodium Chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt)  

- Deionised Water 

Although Oxygen 4 life rich in Oxygen contents it is prepared by specific way to keep pH balanced, within the range of 7.8 to 8.2 and intact as bio-available Diatomic to be absorbed into the cells. These characters are not present in any other product, so Oxygen 4 life a unique product.



Oxygen 4 life  is a distinct diatomic Oxygen supplement which can provide  oxygen to body cells, to attain better health and helps in protecting the body which suffers from lack of oxygen. Also it increases the benefits of life via:

• Increases the body's immunity and thus reduces the susceptibility to disease

• Reduces the effects of aging when used continuously

• Eliminates fatigue and tiredness and body gain vigor and vitality

• Removes the effects of pressure and stress of daily work

• Reduces the effects of stress (psychological, and emotional)

• Reduce the effects of smoking

• Increases the activity and sexual performance in men and women

• The best disinfectant of wounds and surface sterile, it kills all species of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the skin. And Within the sinus


Oxygen for Life is also used to supply oxygen for cases that suffer of oxygen deficiency, either those have illnesses as a result lack of oxygen or illnesses that causedeficiency of oxygen, such as:

• Bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases

• Cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction and coronary artery disease)

• Diabetes

• Ischemic Stroke & (it called as cholesterol killer)

• Diabetic foot & gangrene, it helps all wounds to heal in general specially the diabetic's foot ulcer.

• Burns, It help burns wounds to heal and reduce the Burn effects on the skin.

• Activate the cells that have lost part of its functions due to lack of oxygen especially in children.

• Using Oxygen 4 life a daily and regularly is useful for pregnant women who suffers from lack of oxygen which helps to protect the fetus from the risks of exposure of lack of oxygen

Side Effects

This product did not prove any side effects 


Oxygen 4 life is safe to use, but do not take more than 30 ml at a time (just for saving purpose not else)

How should Oxygen for Life be taken?

Take orally, either neat or in still water (not mineral water), milk or juice – when mixed with another liquid do consume it promptly. Usual serve is 5-10ml, up to twice daily. For best results, take half an hour before food or two hours after food, Oxygen for Life has a shelf life of 8 months once opened and should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Oxygen for Life should not be frozen. .

how much oxygen is actually in oxygen 4 life?

It contains at least 12.5 % v/v (volume-to-volume) stabilized bio-available charged* oxygen (or 125,000 parts per million) at manufacture. .

Who may find benefit from taking Oxygen for Life?

Smokers Air travellers Short distance and long haul drivers People who have high stress lives and jobs Active people of all ages People who live, work or play in unhealthy environments .

On taking Oxygen for Life, what will I feel?

Because of bio-chemical individuality, this varies from person to person. Most people report they feel livelier and brighter from the day they start taking Oxygen for Life. If you have a significant oxygen deficiency then you may experience a feeling of light-headedness, however it will not last more than a minute or two. In that instance, try a slightly lesser dose initially. Oxygen for Life does not make you feel drowsy. However it will assist in calming and relaxing, so many people find it useful to take before bed. .

who is 'the inventor' of oxygen for life?

The base product was invented in the USA through research carried out by NASA researchers and has been developed to super strength through further technological advancements. .

How is Oxygen 4 Life made?

The process of creating Oxygen for Life is a carefully guarded secret and is proprietary. It allows Puralife to offer a breakthrough in nutritional science - a stabilised, electrically activated liquid oxygen that is very much stronger than others available on the world market .

what are the ingredients of oxygen 4 life?

Oxygen for Life is made from natural ingredients. They are de-ionised water, a small amount of Atlantic Sea Salt and at least 125,000 parts per million bio-available charged .

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