Prooxy kit (4 pieces)

  • Prooxy kit (4 pieces)

Prooxy kit (4 pieces)

Your face will say a lot about you and your health. Also the condition of your skin affects how you feel about yourself. .


     Face cleaning bottles
     Oxygen Spry
     Alo Vera moisturizing cream
     Oxygen face mask (10 masks)


     Acne removal
     Face  healthy & shining

1-ProOxy Purifying Cleanser

ProOxy Purifying Cleanser is a revolutionary formulation that deeply cleanses skin naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. Scientifically derived from the highest quality natural ingredients, ProOxy Purifying Cleanser leaves skins feeling refreshed and uplifted. ProOxy Purifying Cleanser was formulated using the latest breakthrough technology.

Pro Tip

Follow with ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray

Apply a small amount to face and neck and gently massage in a circular motion, rinse off with water. Use moring and night. Follow with ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray for guaranteed results.

ProOxy is commited to providing excellence in skin care treatments, producing a system that is oil free, gentle and non reative.

2-ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray
ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray can protect your skin from the stresses and strains of a hectic lifestyle.

ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray provides massive amounts of oxygen (150,000ppm) minimising breakouts and giving skin a boost.

ProOxy Spray is a safe, natural, pH balanced skin care treatment. Containing NO Benzoyl Peroxide. This invigorating natural oxygen treatment protects skin against harsh environment damage, reducing breakouts and blemishes. Best used after cleansing with ProOxy Purifying Cleanser.

Pro Tip
Spray lightly over entire face or to affected areas.

After cleansing with ProOxy Cleanser, hold ProOxy Facial SPray aprrox 10cm from face and spray. Allow to air dry. For best results, follow with ProOxy Moisturising Sorbet. Re-apply during the day to experience an oxygen boost to the skin

3-ProOxy Moisturising Sorbet

ProOxy Moisturising Sorbet combines Aloe Vera extracts with Allantoin providing soothing, cooling relief to skin.

An enriched skin sorbet that nourishes and hydrates skin that is prone to outbreaks and blemishes. This hydrating ProOxy Moisturising Sorbet balances skins pH levels, promoting clear, health looking skin.

Pro Tip
Store in fridge to enhance ProOxy Sorbets Effectiveness.

For optimum results apply ProOxy Moisturising Sorbet after using ProOxy Oxygen Facial SPray. PLace a small amount onto clean fingers and massage into skin using circular motions. This nourishing moisturiser will stimulate and hydrate. To be used morning and night.

4-ProOxy Acne Face Masque
ProOxy Acne Face Masque is a unique and highly effective skin treatment that repairs and renews problem skin. Containing an exclusive Australian tea tree oil extract, ProOxy Acne Face Masque cleanses and refines pores. An indulging experience; this masque helps strengthen skin defence and regeneration making skin clearer, smoother and softer.

Pro Tip
Take time out to look after your skin.

For optimum results, use ProOxy Acne Face Masque 2-3 times a week

. Face masque should be applied after cleansing skin using ProOxy Purifying Cleanser and applying ProOxy Oxygen Facial Spray. Leave masque on for 20 minutes while relaxing. Gently massage left over masque solution into skin and allow Aloe Vera infusion to penetrade.

How long will it take to clear my acne?

This is a complicated question, as we're all different. In general, it can take up to 90 days to clear your acne with ProOxy. The reason is because the acne cycle is roughly 2-4 weeks long. In other words, the breakout you will have in 2-3 weeks is actually starting today. So you need to treat your skin with ProOxy for 2-3 of these cycles to be completely clear. Now the acne can return! So once your skin is clear, stick with your diet and exercise routines, and keep cleaning your skin twice a day. .

Why did I breakout after using ProOxy for the first time?

This is normal! It means your skin is reacting to dead bacteria in the skin. This is perfectly normal for acne to look worse before it looks better. Just stick with the program and you'll be fine. .

Will ProOxy help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles?

It can certainly help, but we recommend Skin Renewal instead. .

What's in the box?

You get all four products, the Skin Cleanser, the Oxygen Spray, the Moisturizer, and the Masque. Each box should last a month to a month and a half, which is plenty for you to see better-looking! There is also a highly informative booklet that has other tips for taking care of yourself and your skin. .

Can I use ProOxy on my chest, back, or other areas of my body?

Definitely. You can use ProOxy on any of the areas where acne is most common. .

Does ProOxy have benzoyl peroxide?

No! So no more burning, stinging, or redness from your acne treatment. .

As a mother of three I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to see my daughters happy and confident about their appearance. To see clear skin smooth and healthy again is a blessing! ProOxy has made such a difference to the way my girls feel about themselves, for a long time I tried many products on the market place to help my daughters with their skin problems but to no real avail. Now thanks to ProOxy my daughters can think about real issues in life, like doing well in school

Mary Mumby, 49, mother

I am very happy with the results ProOxy has given my skin to date. I still have a fair way to go until my skin is completely clear, but I feel I’m one step closer to having a clearer looking skin. I believe with continued use of ProOxy my skin will be a lot healthier in no time

alex mumby 18, student

Using ProOxy I now feel that my skin is smooth, radiant and more importantly I feel so good about myself. ProOxy really feels like a professional treatment in the convenience and privacy of my home. My skin is clearer and never looked so good and the scarring that was on my face from using previous products isn’t as visible. I am so happy with the results that ProOxy has given me, I recommend it to everyone!

edwina mumby 17, student

I have always had a problem with my skin being to dry. I have tried many different moisturizers and never really found one that was just right for my skin. Since my wife put me on to ProOxy I have found that my skin is always feeling soft and moisturized. I have even made it a part of my regular weekly routine to do the 3 step program. I have now been spreading the ProOxy word. It works great! Thanks

Leo Baxter, 29, student

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