Elmore Oil (roll 50 ml)

  • Elmore Oil (roll 50 ml)

Elmore Oil (roll 50 ml)

Elmore Oil is a unique natural pain relief product extracted from Australian medicinal plants and herbs. It's one of distinct products that spread in a large number of countries.

Elmore Oil (roll 50 ml)

Elmore Oil is a unique natural pain relief product extracted from Australian medicinal plants and herbs. It's one of distinct products that spread in a large number of countries around the world from east to west during short period of time and gained a worldwide reputation because of its effectiveness in relief pains of joint, arthritis and muscular aches, including symptomatic relief of lower back pain and fibromyalgia. Also it can increase joint mobility and reduce inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis and gout. The Elmore Oil in a convenient 50ml roll on pack. Ideal for taking to work or sport or just to have in the car in case pain strikes. Relieves muscular aches and pains and assists in recovery from injury

Features that characterize the Elmore oil as a treatment to remove muscle and joint pain?

1.     Elmore Oil is highly effectiveness as pain relief in short time, and stays for long period.

2.     Elmore oil is 100% natural ingredients from plants and free from any chemical additives.

3.     An easy to use, elegant and has no side effects or harmful to the skin.

4.     Elmore oil blend and mixing occurs through modern and sophisticated techniques which make it a high-quality product easy absorption and rapid penetration in skin pores

5.     Fragrant smell makes it different than other parallel products with pungent odor harmless.

6.     Can be used anywhere, anytime, and not limited to use just before bedtime.

7.     You can go out after use Elmore oil and does not require use lack of exposure to cold and wind like the rest of the products.


These features and other of Elmore Oil made it spread rapidly in the world and is gaining a great reputation among around the world.

Elmore Oil uses for pain relief of:

Back pain

Joints pain & Arthritis

Neck pain & Twist

Muscular pain

Sports injuries

Restless leg syndrome



It contains

- Eucalyptus radiate 38.6 mg/mL

- Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) 42.5 mg/mL

- Vanilla oil

- Olive Oil

How to use Elmore for fast pain relief

For Arthritis, hip pain, back pain, neck pain and other joint and muscular pain apply Elmore Oil to the painful area twice a day by gently massaging a small amount of oil into the area, until fully absorbed. Use every   day for up to 14 days, to obtain the maximum anti-inflammatory benefits.

Don’t use too much oil when you apply it – a small amount is all that is needed. A good ‘rule of thunb to guage how much to use is – if it doesn’t massage all the way in within 20 – 30 seconds you are using too much.

Elmore Oil is so easy to use and with such a pleasant smell that it makes a great “preventative” for pain and you might find you just want to apply it every night for a great night’s sleep or every morning for a pain free day. This is another great way to enjoy the benefits of Elmore Oil

For rapid recovery from soft tissue injuries in sport, follow the RICER system, icing the area every 3 – 4 hours, within the first 48 hours after the injury, and apply a small amount of Elmore Oil in between each ice application

What Are The Ingredients In Elmore Oil?

Elmore Oil contains 4 natural ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil – penetrates muscle and brings instant pain relief Tea tree Oil – anti-bacterial qualities, penetrates deep into the joint area to initiate pain relief Vanilla – improves circulation Olive Oil – the base of the product soothes and penetrates… .

What Is Elmore Oil?

Elmore Oil is an all natural blend of oils that eases your soft tissue & joint pain within 15 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours. .

Can It Be Used On Children?

Elmore Oil is definitely safe for use on children, for muscle aches and pains, twisted ankles and all the normal injuries that kids get during play. We generally don’t recommend use on infants under 2 years of age, only because of the risk that they might wipe it into their eyes. .

How Effective Is The Pain Relief?

The level of effect is always directly related to your level of pain. Mild pain will almost certainly be removed completely, whereas if you suffer intense pain, you should experience some relief, though it may not be total. With extended daily use, Elmore Oil may help to free up your joints. .

If I Have A Sports Or Muscular Injury, How Do I Apply Elmore Oil?

Massage Elmore Oil regularly into the pain area using a gentle circular motion to assist with penetration of the essential oils. Use twice per day, or as required, for pain relief up to 6 hours. It can be used in conjunction with ice packs or heat packs, as directed by your health professional. .

Can Elmore Oil Be Used For Other Things Besides Arthritis?

Yes, Elmore Oil is also suitable for muscle pain. It has proven very effective in relieving the pain associated with back pain, neck pain, head ache, tennis elbow, muscles tears and sprains. It is particularly effective in the treatment of sport injuries. .

Q: How effective is the pain relief?

A: The level of effect is always directly related to the level of pain you are experiencing and each persons results will be different. Over a long period, the use of Elmore Oil may provide some freeing up of the joints which also helps. .

Q: Does it work on all forms of arthritis?

A: Yes, you can use Elmore Oil on all forms of arthritis, as well as gout and general un-diagnosed joint pain. .

Q: How often do I need to use Elmore Oil?

A: It depends again on the level of pain. Generally twice a day but if the pain is severe you may need 4 or 5 applications. .

I have been rodeoing for over 20 years at the top level in Australia and have had numerous broken bones and suffer from arthritis. I highly recommend Elmore Oil. Elmore oil keeps my horse Copper aged 25 years and myself winning rodeos and feeling fit. Elmore oil allows me to enjoy two of the toughest jobs on earth, Rodeo and Shearing.

Dave McLennan, Professional rodeo cowboy

I have just begun using your wonderful product after suffering from tendonitis in the shoulder for the last couple of months. For the past couple of months I have been unable to have an undisturbed sleep because my shoulder ached continually. However after applying Elmore Oil the pain disappears, and I cannot recommend your product highly enough.

Jan Mehaffey, student

On a friend’s recommendation, I purchased a bottle of Elmore Oil for the family’s use. We were impressed with its instant efficacy. One time, I twisted my ankle while trimming trees in the yard. I ignored the discomfort as I had a lot of work to do. The pain got progressively worse over the next few minutes until my wife called me in for morning coffee. Before I settled in I rubbed some Elmore Oil in the ankle. After my 15 minute break, I went back into the yard, expecting some protest from my ankle, but, to my surprise the pain had gone.

Raymond H. Bamford, student

I have been using Elmore Oil for more than 3 years on my right knee, pending specialist advice, and it has given me great comfort from my troubles, enabling me to walk with less pain than previously. I am very thankful that I was advised to use this product and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

Margaret Lehmann, student

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