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Elmore Essentials Body Wash

سائل الاستحمام من المور وفير الرغوة صمم ليكون سائل استحمام وكذلك منظف لليدين للاستخدامات اليومية كمية قليلة من السائل تعطيك الرغوة الوفيرة والاحساس الناعم وهو خفيف علي الجلد ولطيف علي البشرة .

The Essentials Body Wash products are high foaming and are designed as a shower soap or hand soap for everyday use. Just a small shot from the easy to use pump will give you a rich foaming lather which is mild to the skin.

Ingredients Information:

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
This ingredient deserves a full page on its own as myths and legends have been written about this ingredient, but the important thing to know is that SLES is one of the mildest and most commonly used raw materials in all of the best quality brands on the market. In 1987 a fledging beauty products manufacturer from the USA created a mythical story to turn SLES into a ‘bogey man’ in the world of cosmetics, for the self promotion of their own ‘SLES free’ product range. The story became one of the greatest internet legends in history and the ill-informed jumped on board promoting their own ‘SLES free’ brands, but the story was proven completely false in later years when the scientist whose work was misquoted ( Dr. Keith Green) came out and slammed the beauty products manufacturer for twisting his words for their own good. Fortunately most non-hysterical science based manufacturers continued to use this amazing material that produces the best quality soaps and shampoos on the market. SLES produces a thick rich lathering soap that is milder to the skin than any other comparable compound.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Derived from coconut oil, this versatile ingredient provides high foam and improved body to the formulation. It combines well into water based formulations and is used worldwide in all leading skin care products.

Cocomide DEA
Derived from the kernel of the coconut, this ingredient provides the moisturizing qualities of coconut oil with added strength & snap to the foam and cleansing ability of the body wash.

An organic compound used to moisturize the skin and counteract drying. The high content of glycerine in our body wash formulations is one of reasons they are so mild to the skin.

Sodium Chloride
Also commonly known as salt, it is used in our body wash range to add thickness to the formulation and aid with cleansing.

Essentials Oil
Each body wash contains one of the primary ingredients from Elmore Oil as an essence. You can choose from olive essence, lemon tea tree, refreshing eucalyptus or soothing vanilla.

Citric Acid
This common food ingredient is used to balance the pH of the formulation to match the delicate balance of the skin. An essential ingredient in all skin care products to ensure there are no allergic reactions.

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