Anti-Aging Treatment

Multiple layers of oxygen enhancing ingredients increase cellular renewal, targeting fine lines, dullness and puffiness around the eye area.  A blend of hydrating antioxidants treat and rejuvenate your skin, improve your skin tone, firmness, and restore elasticity, leaving it noticeably smoother and revived.


Anti-aging procedures usually fight with three important factors of aging. These include free radicals, decrease in hormones and unhealthy life style.

When waste substances called “free radicals” occurring at the time of operation of the cells are not excreted from the body in adequate time and amount, they transform into toxic (i.e. harmful) substances.

Anti-aging procedures fight with free radicals and help the skin to stay young and fresh.

Healthy Aging

In anti-aging procedures, the goal is to slow down aging as much as possible and to provide a healthy aging process for the body. Better use of oxygen by tissues and induction of the immune system support activation of antioxidants and the cell fighting with free radicals.

Anti-aging treatments significantly increase quality of life and physical endurance, as well as they support preventing aging and increasing skin renewal.