Face Care and acne Treatments

about acne

Your face will say a lot about you and your health. Also the condition of your skin affects how you feel about yourself. This is why you try to take care of it and would like it to look its best. Unfortunately, stress, poor dietary choices and hormonal changes can get in the way, leaving you with blemishes, breakouts or acne.

Research shows that there are many misconceptions about what causes acne. Knowledge of skincare means power over your acne! Learn what really causes acne and take control of your skin for good!

Breakouts and blemishes can cause social embarrassment and low self-esteem. You may lack confidence, feel too self-conscious to go out and miss important opportunities in relationships and life. Many people often wonder, “What am I doing that is causing these nasty pimples?” The fantastic news is that you are not to blame for your breakouts! With the help of the ProOxy skincare range, there is so much you can do to control your acne.

the truth about blemishes!

For years people have believed that acne is caused by eating greasy food. That is false! The real cause of acne is attributed to your hormones and your skin’s incapacity to shed old, dead skin cells, resulting in bacterial growth. This condition is predetermined by your genes and not by the food you consume. Scientific studies show that diet – including fatty foods and chocolate- barely affect your skin. Washing your skin excessively with soap based cleansers or stripping it with alcohol in an attempt to cleanse it will only aggravate the skin condition more.

what you can do to help fight breakouts!

The ProOxy skincare range has been specifically developed to promote healthy-looking skin and help you win back your confidence. The key is to follow a sensible, practical and well-balanced lifestyle that is sure to promote the beautifully clear, naturally beautiful looking skin you desire.