Muscular Pain And Sports Injuries

Muscular Pain

Sports Injury – Fast and pain free recovery using RICER with Elmore Oil.

Fast recovery is essential in any sports and for any athlete. Elmore Oil and the Faster Than RICER regime will provide substantial competitive advantage to users, getting them back into activity faster than under normal circumstances.

Any athlete with an injury will look for the best and fairest way to treat the injury so that he/she can resume activity quick and spend as little time as possible sidelined by injury.

Elmore Oil can be incorporated as an integral part of any soft tissue recovery program. The unique properties of the Elmore Oil blend allow fast penetration of the active ingredients to the muscle area, providing rapid improvement in muscle recovery by promoting circulation and rapid absorption of the active ingredients to the area, with or without the aid of massage.

During normal procedure for sports injury treatment, the RICER program is followed. Ricer stands for:

  • REST
  • ICE

The RICER program has been a proven regime for sports injury recovery, but the drawback has always been that no treatment other than ice application can be used for 48 – 72 hours.

As Elmore Oil does not generate heat and can be applied without deep tissue massage, it is a suitable pain reliever to apply immediately after the first ice application and in between each ice application thereafter.

In initial small scale trials the application of Elmore Oil at the earliest point after injury has been found to speed the recovery process. In fact, Elmore Oil can be applied gently to the affected area (without the need for deep tissue massage) after the first application of ice to the pain area.

The actives in Elmore Oil do NOT generate heat and they penetrate without the use of massage, thereby providing positive benefits prior to the critical 48 hour “no massage” RICER period. This allows faster recovery, as well as a pain free recovery time, resulting in a happier and healthier athlete.