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7. Jun 2013

Personal Lubricants and Benefits of Using Them

Khalid Naji Sexual health 0 Comments 1216 Views

Sexual lubricants, to put it in simple words, are special lubricants that are formulated for the sake of enhancing pleasure during sex and reducing pain during penetrative sex. Some lubricants also increase the duration of your sexual intercourse. Such lubricants are also used in condoms. Lubricants come in three forms: water-based, silicone-based and flavored.

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9. Apr 2013

The Ingredient Selection of Elmore Oil

Khalid Naji Alternative Medicine , Elmore Oil 0 Comments 1276 Views

Elmore Oil is a mix of 4 natural ingredients. Read about how they combine together to bring you pain relief from arthritis, joint pain and muscle pain Olive Oil is the base of Elmore Oil. Individually selected after trialing and testing 22 strains of Olive Oil, this specially blended virgin extract has been tailored to a set of specific characteristics designed by the products inventor

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9. Mar 2013

Muscular Pain and Elmore Oil

Khalid Naji Alternative Medicine , Elmore Oil 0 Comments 2002 Views

Fast recovery is essential in any sports and for any athlete. Elmore Oil and the Faster Than RICER regime will provide substantial competitive advantage to users, getting them back into activity faster than under normal circumstances.
Any athlete with an injury will look for the best and fairest way to treat the injury so that he/she can resume activity quick and spend as little time as possible sidelined by injury.

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