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11. Jun 2013

About Oxygen

Khalid Naji General 3 Comments 4172 Views

Our bodies depend on a constant source of oxygen to survive. Puralife products are unique in assisting oxygen to the bloodstream. Oxygen regenerates the body and mind, bringing a wealth of life-enhancing benefits to all. From performance athletes to sufferers of arthritis, from regular gym-goers to those in pursuit of perfect skin, a puralife product exists to meet your needs.

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7. Jan 2013

The Benefits of Liquid Oxygen

Khalid Naji Alternative Medicine , Oxygen 0 Comments 2263 Views

Oxygen is vital to the human body. A gaseous form of oxygen that has been cooled down is considered liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is now more popular in treating several health conditions. Most chronic pain and diseases are due to a lack of oxygen. If the right amount of oxygen is not received, fluids in the body can become toxic

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