7 Secret Uses of Elmore Oil

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Elmore Oil is Australia’s favourite pain relief lotion, but did you know there are 7 secret uses for the product that only the most avid users are aware of. Here we reveal just 3 of the best. Find out how to use Elmore Oil in ways you never thought of.

Sleep … did you know that rubbing Elmore Oil on the soles of your feet at night just before you go to bed, will give you the best night’s sleep you have ever had. The soles of the feet are the optimum point of application for essential oils, as they enter the blood stream quickly and their effect is rapid. The essential oils contained in Elmore Oil, which are Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla Extract, can go to work quickly, relieving pain and improving circulation, to provide you an amazing nights rest.

Recovery … if you’re a champion athlete or a novice sportsperson you will benefit from the wonderful recovery qualities of an Elmore Oil rub down. Before you exercise or play sport apply Elmore Oil to all the ‘bits that hurt’ so that you can enjoy your activity, but more importantly after your game or workout apply a generous amount of Elmore Oil to the key muscle groups you have used ( legs, calves, Achilles, feet, back or shoulders) and the next day you will wake without the usual muscle soreness that is often experienced after a workout or hard game of sport.

Cuts & Scrapes … one of the most common questions we get asked is “can I put Elmore Oil on if I have an open cut or scratch or graze on my skin”. The answer is definitely yes. Elmore Oil doesn’t generate heat and there is no ‘sting’ effect with Elmore Oil, so you can safely rub it on over a cut or graze. But the truly added benefit is that Elmore Oil contains 4.25% of pure Tea Tree Oil, which is not only an anti- inflammatory (its primary use in Elmore Oil) but it is also a proven antiseptic and will assist in the healing process of the cut or graze.