ProOxy Formulation and skin Care

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The ProOxy Formulations Program is the culmination of many years of research and development. Scientific studies and extensive research shows that there are many misconceptions about what causes acne. ProOxy Formulations reveals the truth about breakouts and blemishes and empowers people of all ages with the knowledge of how to gain the clear, naturally beautiful skin they desire!

ProOxy Formulations have developed a simple, effective way to banish existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. At ProOxy, we understand that breakouts and blemishes can be the cause of social embarrassment and low self-esteem. You may lack confidence, feel too self- conscious to go out and miss important opportunities in relationships and life. The ProOxy skincare range has been exclusively developed to promote healthy-looking skin and empower you to win back your confidence!

Knowledge of your skincare means power over your acne! ProOxy Formulations have successfully developed a complete acne management program that helps treat pimples in 3 easy steps, twice a day. Each product in the ProOxy skincare range has a different function in helping to combat breakouts.

ProOxy’s Purifying Cleanser is a revolutionary formulation that gently exfoliates impurities, preventing excess oil before it begins. ProOxy’s Oxygen Facial Spray powerfully protects skin against harmful pimple-causing bacteria. ProOxy’s Moisturising Sorbet nourishes and hydrates skin that is prone to outbreaks and blemishes. This masque helps strengthen skin defence and regeneration making skin clearer, smoother and softer.

Get with the Program! The ProOxy Formulations Program! Used together, the products in our 3-step program help cleanse, replenish and hydrate the skin superbly. So protect your skin from future outbreaks by making ProOxy a priority. By regularly using the products in the ProOxy family, you can prevent future breakouts from occurring. Take control of acne for good! ProOxy has what it takes to bring out the confidently empowered, healthier-looking you!