Personal Lubricants and Benefits of Using Them

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When you are making love, your partner may experience some pain or maybe you too can experience some pain during penetration. The pain is intense sometimes while sometimes it might be minor or mild but it does give you problems in having sex. If you are using a condom, maybe the pain can be lesser as compared to the time you are not wearing a condom. Most of the condoms have good lubrication that allows you to penetrate easily and experience better sexual pleasure. Sexual lubricants can surely enhance your sexual pleasure and can make it smooth and painless.Lubricants can really make a great deal of difference in sexual performance and sexual pleasure.

  • You can use a lubricated condom or a lubricant if:
  • Your partner is suffering from vaginal dryness
  • You engage in vaginal penetration for a long time, thereby reducing the natural vaginal lubrication

Sexual lubricants: What are they?

Sexual lubricants, to put it in simple words, are special lubricants that are formulated for the sake of enhancing pleasure during sex and reducing pain during penetrative sex. Some lubricants also increase the duration of your sexual intercourse. Such lubricants are also used in condoms. Lubricants come in three forms: water-based, silicone-based and flavored. The water-based lubes can be easily washed away from the skin and the fabric and are easily available and not at all expensive. The silicone-based lubes are slightly more expensive than the water-based lubes and they last much longer than the water-based lubes. Also, silicone-based lubricants are preferred for anal sex. Flavored lubes are mostly water-based lubes with added flavor, often containing sugar and are best for oral sex. You can use all the lubricants with a condom; however, some condoms can lead to tearing of a latex condom. So make sure you read the details properly before you buy any condoms or lubes.

Why does it pain during sex and how does a lube reduce pain?

Normally, penetrative sex involves the thrusting of the penis inside the vagina. If the vagina is tight, the penis, when inserted inside the vagina, exerts immense pressure, making it painful for the woman. If the length and the girth of the penis are big, it creates more friction within the walls of the vagina, which makes it pleasurable yet painful. Some women can bear the pain but for some, it is so much that they even lose interest in sex.  Using a lube can make the penis and the vagina slippery and greasy which allows the penis to penetrate with ease, not exerting much pressure and not causing much pain to the woman. Also, sometimes, the pressure can also give pain to the man's penis and so, using a lube makes it easy.

The Joydrops  lube

The Joydrops lubricant is a popular  lubricant that enhances your sexual pleasure by reducing friction during foreplay and intercourse. It is also compatible with condoms , without any fear. It is a non-greasy formula that does not make a mess when you pull-out and you can easily rinse it off with water. It does not create any skin irritation or skin problems but as every skin type is different, you are advised to take a patch-test or consult your doctor about the ingredients of the lube before using it.