About Us

About Oxy Pharma


About Oxy Pharma

Oxy Pharma Ltd. established in 2010 at Sana’a, to provide superior quality products that  carefully selected from different global manufacturers  to be a credible contender in the medical market of Yemen. Our products also feature it could win the confidence of both doctors and patients significantly from the first use.

What We Do?

We provide selective products for the medical market of Yemen. These products were  invented in recent time, manufactured by using very modern techniques, give the best therapeutic results  and have no side effects or risk of misuse. Now Most of  people are looking forward to the product which gives the best results  without any side effect, especially those who re suffering of chronic diseases. All these characteristics are available in our products.. !

Our Mission

Our mission in Oxy Pharma is  help to rearrange the health status of people, especially patients who are suffering because of changing of their normal situation to  the abnormal as a result of variables of life. Therefore we trying to draw the right way to restore their normal lives by providing products which help in alleviating suffering and return back to the normal status without any side Influences or other difficulties.